Lessons from SDG17: there is no useless career path

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In different seasons of life, we have had the opportunity to explore different career paths. Sometimes these opportunities come as a need or burden of rapid adjustment between careers, and sometimes these come with the privilege to step up into more responsibilities and professional growth. All cases vary, but above all, these are important. 

The EU Climate Pact is a Green Deal program that engages communities and organisations around us in Climate Action and Climate Conscious through the different Ambassadors. These Ambassadors are mostly from the European region, and some are friends of the pact. 

The most interesting part of the EU Climate Pact program is the vast outreach made by the different professions of the Ambassadors. Each Ambassador has a pledge on their capacity to promote the Green Deal Activities and make community engagements and events for climate awareness. 

We have seen how the different regions have contributed with similar programs, such as Fellowships, Ambassadors, Climate Activists, Climate Advocacy members, Youth for Climate, etc.  

Having people involved in the different sectors, regions, countries, social mobility, and professions allows Climate Action to be the main goal and have the best sustainable impact. 

We have seen how the different industries are exchanging as many insights as possible for a more resilient world. 


The Energy sector is working continuously to effectively produce more Renewable Energy and be able to store it for a smarter grid. We see that Deep Tech is also involved by providing smart grid analytics and parameters as possible. 


The Tourism sub-industry was heavily affected by the pandemic back in 2020. Its recovery has been a massive work from all the friend sectors and ecosystems, including transport and culture. 

Deep tech 

The Innovation and Technology sector has been in a lot of controversies in the last years for both good and bad results and outcomes. The pandemic and economic crisis in the last few years have shown us how important social media and all the communications platforms are to keep in contact with our workflow, families, and friends, but also to experience our social community and beyond. 

We can reach wonders when we all get together for a common goal. Our EU Climate Pact community has taught us that. Not a profession should be taken for granted, either a passion, vocation, or ambition. 

We need each other’s expertise for a complete picture and higher purpose. My advice to the professional network is: keep learning; there’s no age to learn something new!

Lidia Aviles

Lidia Aviles is a renowned sustainability & innovation expert, writer, mentor, and entrepreneur. As the EU Climate Pact Ambassador and Sanford Royce Board of Advisory Member, Lidia is known for her extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of climate change, sustainability, and innovation.

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