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Team and advisors

Aaron Chan is a seasoned journalist who serves as Asia’s correspondent for GE63. With a wealth of experience in the region, Chan has a keen eye for the latest developments and trends in Asia’s dynamic and rapidly evolving economies. His reporting offers valuable insights into the economic, social, and political changes that are shaping the future of the region.

Adam Schilling is a financial columnist and US correspondent for GE63 and Fund23. With a deep understanding of financial markets and trends, Schilling offers astute analysis and commentary on the latest developments in the US economy. His expertise and insights are highly regarded by investors, analysts, and policymakers, making him a valuable voice in the world of finance.

Agnes Jaworski is a Polish columnist who specializes in domestic affairs. Her insights and analysis of Poland’s political, social, and economic landscape are highly valued by readers across the country. She is known for her analytical approach and ability to explain complex issues in a clear and accessible manner. Agnes has a strong track record of breaking news and providing insightful commentary on developments within Poland.

Dan Novick is an economist and Balkans correspondent for GE63. With a focus on the economic and political developments in the Balkans, Novick offers insightful analysis and commentary on the region’s growth, challenges, and opportunities.

David Archer is a columnist for GE63.com, specializing in NATO affairs. With a strong background in international relations, he has provided extensive coverage of NATO’s military and strategic decisions. David is known for his analytical approach and in-depth reporting, making him a respected expert in the field of security and defence.

Florian Meyer is an experienced data scientist and Swiss correspondent for GE63. With a background in data analytics and statistics, Meyer provides valuable insights and analysis on the latest trends and developments in Swiss business and politics. His expertise in data analysis and interpretation offers a unique perspective on the Swiss economy, making him a valuable voice in the field.

Graeme Langley is a seasoned expert in UK affairs. With a deep understanding of the country’s political, economic, and social landscape, Langley provides insightful analysis and commentary on the latest developments in UK affairs. Currently based in Hong Kong, his expertise in the field is widely respected, making him a valuable source of information and perspective on the UK’s political and economic landscape.

Henry Silcock is the founder of TwoRabbits Advisors which provides cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and strategic advice for high-tech businesses. He was formerly a veteran defense industry executive and CTO of two startups. He is a member of Sanford Royce and Ithaca College (NY) Cybersecurity Advisory Board.

Jan Kruger is a Dutch-American economist and renowned economic news correspondent for various international news organizations. He provides in-depth analysis of economic and financial news across Europe, and is known for his analytical approach, clarity in explaining complex economic concepts, and his strong track record of breaking news and providing insightful commentary.

Jan Kowalski is a UK-based Polish columnist who specializes in political and economic affairs related to Poland and the United Kingdom. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Warsaw and has worked as a journalist for leading Polish and British publications. Jan’s expertise in Polish and British politics, as well as his ability to provide insightful commentary on current events, make him a sought-after commentator in both countries.

John Russell, a notable economist and Asia Correspondent for GE63 (Global Economy), resides in Hong Kong. His comprehensive insights into Asia’s intricate economic dynamics result from extensive academic and journalistic involvement. He analyzes complex economic trends, policy shifts, and market influences that define Asia’s global economic role.

Lidia Aviles is a renowned sustainability & innovation expert, writer, mentor, and entrepreneur. As the EU Climate Pact Ambassador and Sanford Royce Board of Advisory Member, Lidia is known for her extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of climate change, sustainability, and innovation.

Mark O’Donnell is a political science expert who studied at University College London. He is particularly interested in the geopolitical movements within the European Union, with a focus on the impact of Brexit. O’Donnell’s research and analysis provide valuable insights into the ever-changing political landscape of Europe and the wider world.

Markus Gremmel is GE63 contributor who runs his own consulting and investment company focusing on starting, managing, and scaling businesses. He is a thought leader for innovative distribution models, partnership strategies, embedded finance, fintech, and digitization of business models. Before this Markus worked as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at a regional bank in the DACH region. He started his career at McKinsey and holds a PhD in social science from the Vienna University of Business Administration.

Maxmillan Wagner is a German columnist who focuses on analyzing and reporting on German politics, business, and society. With years of experience in journalism, he has contributed to numerous publications, both in print and online, including Die Zeit, Handelsblatt, and Deutsche Welle. Maxmillan is highly regarded for his insightful commentary and his ability to provide a unique perspective on German affairs.

Miguel Alvarez is a Spanish columnist who specializes in covering political and social issues in Spain and across Europe. With years of experience in journalism, he has collaborated various Spanish and global media outlets, including El Pais, ABC, and Reuters. Miguel is known for his in-depth analysis and commentary on Spanish politics, including the Catalonia crisis, as well as on broader European issues such as migration and the rise of far-right parties. His insights and opinions are widely respected in the Spanish-speaking world, and he is a frequent commentator on Spanish television and radio programs.

Mo Nasser is a renowned Middle East expert and journalist who has covered the region for many years. He is known for his in-depth analysis and reporting on political, economic, and social issues in the Middle East. Mo has written for various international publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera, among others.

Musa Davies is a Nigerian columnist who specializes in politics and current affairs in Nigeria. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Abuja. With over a decade of experience in journalism, Musa has written for several leading Nigerian newspapers and online media platforms, providing insightful analysis and commentary on political developments and issues affecting Nigeria and the African continent.

Piermichele Guerrieri is a highly accomplished Doctor of Political Science and Master of EU Law who has helped over 500 companies and public institutions expand their business internationally. He is the Founder and Director of PMG & Partners Ltd (UK) and the Mediterranean Center of Geopolitical and Strategic Studies, which collaborates with University of Bari and Luiss Guido Carli.

Sofia Pavlov is a Russian-born columnist who specializes in Russian affairs. She has extensive experience covering news related to politics, economy, and society in Russia. Sofia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Moscow State University and her Master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She has written for various international publications and is highly regarded for her insights and analysis on Russian affairs.

Tom Lee is a Chinese-American columnist with extensive experience covering news related to Asia, particularly China and Malaysia. He has worked for international news organizations such as Reuters and the New York Times and is known for his insightful commentary on issues such as Chinese politics, economics, and foreign policy. Tom is a sought-after commentator on various news programs and is dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive coverage of news and events that impact the region.


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