Poland is now Europe’s center of power

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Poland is quickly rising to become the superstar of influence and power in Europe, not Brussels.

As evidenced by recent high-profile visits and its growing military, energy, and diplomatic capabilities, GE63 columnist Adam Schilling detailed in his report, Poland — emerging powerhouse of influence in Europe.

In this column, we will explore why more and more powerful countries tend to held their meetings in Poland, and no longer in Brussels. Let’s also take a look at what other key strategic moves are happening in the emerging powerhouse that makes it a force to reckon with.

United Kingdom

Prince William’s recent visit to Poland late in March showcased the country’s importance as a global statesman. The Prince met with military officials, refugees, and President Andrzej Duda, and paid tribute to fallen Polish soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. His visit emphasized the strong relationship between Poland and the UK and Poland’s growing importance on the world stage. This is light of en masse Polish repatriation in their homeland.

United States

US President Biden’s recent meeting with President Duda further underscored Poland’s strategic significance. The leaders discussed their shared efforts to support Ukraine, impose consequences on Russia, and strengthen NATO. President Biden praised Poland for welcoming over 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees into their communities, highlighting the country’s commitment to democratic values and cooperation with other nations. Prior to visiting Kyiv, Biden visited Poland in a united show of strength with its NATO allies.


Poland’s military strength is also a key factor in its rising influence in Europe. The country’s development of powerful land forces, motivated by its concerns about Russia, has positioned it as a leading military power in the region. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has emphasized the importance of having a strong military to deter conflict, and Poland’s increasing military cooperation with other nations in the region further cements its position as a rising superstar of influence.


In addition to its military might, Poland is also becoming a leader in the energy sector, particularly in civil nuclear energy and alternative energy, to the point of even challenging Germany’s leadership in the region.

Its growing diplomatic ties with other nations in the region and beyond demonstrate its commitment to building strong partnerships and becoming a significant player on the global stage.

What’s next

Poland’s recent high-profile visits, military strength, energy leadership, and diplomatic capabilities all point to its fast-emerging position as a rising superstar of influence and power in Europe.

Its commitment to democratic values and cooperation with other nations make it a key player on the global stage, and it is poised to become an even more significant force in the years to come.

Mark O'Donnell

Mark O'Donnell is a political science expert who studied at University College London. He is particularly interested in the geopolitical movements within the European Union, with a focus on the impact of Brexit. O'Donnell's research and analysis provide valuable insights into the ever-changing political landscape of Europe and the wider world.

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